Take your readers on a heroine's journey

Would you and I work well together? 


You are:

Already an expert in your field, and an educator:

You're an academic, teacher, researcher, journalist, filmmaker and/or speaker. 

An avid reader, and a writer in some form,

although you may not have published a full-length non-fiction book yet.

Both scholastic and spiritual:

you see these as rich fields of exploration that complement one another, rather than standing in opposition.

Passionate about your subject:

you want to be in active relationship with this book over time. It'll be a key part of your thought leadership platform.

Offering beautiful, positive ideas:

your message is not divisive or polemic. It may be disruptive, but it's driven by compassion.

Committed to meeting deadlines,

and prepared to give this your all, even when things feel hard (as they inevitably will).

Aware that creativity thrives inside boundaries,

and comes in the doing; discipline births inspiration, and beauty can arrive when you least expect it.

Highly motivated and ready for a challenge,

you have time to devote to this, and can afford high touch coaching without financial stress.

You know this book is yours to write, because...

  • You've worked on your materials for years, gathering research, case studies, insights and depth of understanding. You've tested and course-corrected your ideas.
  • The idea for this book won't leave you alone. You know it's yours to write.
  • You may be in resistance, but the call is strong. (Sometimes we run from what we must want, especially if that goal also signifies expansion or breaking new ground. Being seen and heard on a bigger scale often feels unsafe, no matter how accomplished we may already be.)

Your book aims to heal our cultural separation from the feminine.

You see that reverence for the archetypal feminine is missing from our fast-paced, hyper-productive society; that we're distanced from the deep intelligence held within our bodies, and disconnected from the Earth, with consequences that affect us all.  

It pains you that feminine archetypes have been obscured over eons, from the anthropomorphic to the abstract. From Mother Nature to the goddess of the underworld, from the warrior to the crone, from the cycles of birth, death and rebirth to the wisdom of the womb...

You know that a full spectrum of archetypes is needed for a sustainable future, because this incorporates vital, not optional, organs of our human and collective intelligence. We need to awaken the archetypal feminine as a matter of urgency.

You have come to realise that the gifts in these archetypal patterns of power have been lying dormant in our collective psyche, our stories and our world. It's time to bring them back to life for a brighter future; and you have a role to play in their revival.

Professionally speaking, your goals are...
  • To write a high calibre book fired by passion, purpose and commitment.
  • To be a thought leader on this subject. You know books don't necessarily make money, but you will integrate your book into your professional ecosystem and see it enhance your expertise, opening up new income streams for you such as public speaking, training, retreats, coaching or consulting.
  • To take a long-term public stand for your book, whether it becomes an international bestseller with a big publisher behind it, or fills a small but targeted niche and is picked up by an independent press. 
You understand...
  • The value of coaching with a high personal touchof having someone put their full attention into your work. You welcome open communication, like to be challenged, and enjoy creative brainstorming.
  • The usefulness of project management, accountability and deadlines, even if at times this may feel as if it runs counter to your creative flow; that inspiration comes in the doing.
  • That writing a book is hard - it requires love, sweat and dedication - and that success with a book is unpredictable. It involves timing and luck as well as skill. The publishing industry is changing all the time, and there are no guarantees.

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