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Define your book's point and purpose before you start writing.

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Total time investment: 7+ hours

You have a non-fiction book in mind that will deepen your readers' knowledge about the archetypal feminine, and inspire cultural change.

This jump-starter package will help you hone your central message and articulate the shift in perception you'll offer your readers. You will envision your book, its place in the world and how readers will interact with it - in advance - so that you're starting off on a strong footing.

This program is for you if...

You have a book idea that's focused on reviving an aspect of the feminine that has been undervalued, rejected or lost.

You've been working as an educator in your field for some time, and have accumulated a solid body of work through research and development - to the extent that you're daunted by the task of narrowing down your wealth of material down to a singular idea.

You may have been circling around a range of ideas for your book, and reshuffling them in your mind: which one is primary, what is secondary, what is to be discarded or kept aside for another publication...? 

You'd like to identify one controlling idea for your book; to extract it from all the information you could bring to the subject. You know that successful non-fiction asks for ONE clearly defined point, so that your readers know exactly why, at a glance, this is a book for them. It speaks directly to a question they already carry inside.

Of course there can and will be multiple points to a story, but there must one main one if the book is to be effective, and sell.

You're yet to clarify your book's point, purpose and niche in specific terms.

This lack of clarity is causing you to experience resistance when it comes to writing, even though you're passionate about your project. 

Your wheels are spinning, you're losing precious time, and you feel impatient to get the real work underway.

Sharing your information feels urgent, because it speaks in some way to the pain and brokenness in the world, and offers a way through.

You're looking for the angle into your material that feels right; that gives you a full-body "YES!"

Finding your story spine is deep work.

It takes dedication to find your story spine. You are going to have to ask profound questions, and find the answers that are true for you. 

There's nothing small about the subject you're writing about; after all, you're challenging belief systems that have grown in power and influence over centuries.

Your answers won't come overnight. Your thinking is likely to be iterative.

The purpose of this mini-package is to illuminate your path at the start of your journey. 

As such, it does not promise a quick fix. Rather, this process offers vital guidance and insights to make sure you're starting out - and will continue - on a strong footing.

It will help you to focus your thoughts, ask the right questions, and give you powerful tools for doing the necessary digging. 

You could experience an 'aha!' moment, nailing your central message in a glorious moment that gives you goose-bumps. Or you might continue to use these tools and techniques once our work together is done, as much and as often as required. 

How fast you move will depend on how far along the path you are already, and how much time and effort you choose to put in. 

 This is foundational work that will help you find clarity.

Clarity is everything. Many writers believe they lack motivation when they hit a rough patch in the writing process, but it's more accurate to say they lack clarity. 

When you define your book's point and purpose in advance, you'll have a compass to guide you with every authorial decision you make. 

If you experience moments of blockage, confusion, overwhelm or imposter's syndrome, knowing your story spine can pull you through.

You'll write with greater ease and in the most intentional way possible, knowing where your book will sit on a bookshop shelf, how readers will interact with your material, and the positive shifts it will inspire.

You will avoid potential heartbreak (and headache) later, when you could otherwise discover that your manuscript lacks a clear point of view or cohesion.


Capturing your most profound vision for your book

You will explore your narrative goals in precise terms: the change you long to see in the world, and why. You will venture into the tricky task of narrowing your message down to one succinct sentence that is rich in meaning. 

This isn't your book hook or marketing slogan. Those pieces come later. Rather, this is a powerful tool to help you focus your narrative as you write.

It's a means for you to check, when you enter into the long-form writing, that each idea, story and chapter aligns with and supports your central idea. The gift in this, when you're writing your long-form narrative, is structural cohesion.

Naming the precise transformation you'll offer your reader

Writers want to be read, but not everyone gives adequate consideration to the reader's experience of the material, or the author-reader relationship.

Here, you will start thinking about who you're writing for - but fear not! This is not a boring, fruitless exercise in demographics. Rather, it's deep reflection into the archetypal journey you will take your reader on.

What is the arc of change you wish to walk your reader through? Who might need this, and why? What are the rewards?

By identifying your reader's needs right from the beginning, you can nurture a genuine sense of empathy and connection when it comes to writing your book. 

Your book can make a promise of transformation that is both resonant for you and relevant to them.

Making a promise, and then delivering on it, makes for the best kind of reader experience. This in turn inspires word-of-mouth recommendations, the proven #1 way to sell a book.

These are the bare bones of your project, and we'll explore them in relation to your unique project.

Pinning this information down might feel as it if runs counter to your creativity.

It may feel distasteful to you, as if this compromises your authenticity or creative process in some way.

These feelings are common but actually, doing this work is meaningful, because it guides you into the deeper layers of your intention. 

Creative expression is a great motivation for writing a book, but without a salient message and a clearly identified readership, the right people are unlikely to find - let alone buy and read - your book.

And no one and nothing will change.

Imagine the feeling...

  • Your vision for the book has both simplified and deepened.
  • You have a beautiful sense of your role and purpose as author of this book. 
  • You have envisioned your book as a finished entity, and are now energised to proceed.
  • You know who you're writing for, and how the reader will be transformed by reading your book.
  • You are in a stronger position to sow the seeds of cultural change you're aiming for.
  • You can start researching other books in the marketplace that address similar themes. Although this may seem like leaping ahead, this is how to check that your angle is new and unique and as well as needed: the best way to build the commercial viability of your book. What will you offer that no one else is doing?

How this offer works:

Your workbooks & schedule

Your Story Spine includes two 12-page guides for you to work through at home, prior to your dedicated coaching call. 

You'll receive your PDFs when you sign up, and we'll book in your coaching call right away - allowing you up to a month to do the preparation.

Define your book's point

Once you've done the preparatory work for Part 1: Define Your Book's Point at home (approx. three hours), you'll submit your work-in-progress to me, using Microsoft Word. I'll return it with comments.

Define your book's purpose

Next, you'll do the preparatory work for Part 2: Define Your Book's Purpose at home. You'll submit your work-in-progress to me a minimum of 48 hours in advance of our coaching call. I'll return it with feedback prior to the call.

Your coaching call

We'll use our coaching call to review your progress, addressing any questions you might have or doubts you have encountered, and discussing your next steps.

Is this preparatory work really necessary?

Honestly, this depends on how your mind works. 

Some people rely on the inspiration that comes during the writing process; that is how they find what they want to say.

If that's you, this package isn't a good fit.

However for most people, and especially in the realm of non-fiction, creating a story spine first can be the difference between writing with ease, or feeling frustrated and getting stuck (which in turn can cause you to give up on your project). 

It can help you see that you are, in fact, capable of writing this book.

This work alleviates confusion, gives you focus, and optimizes your precious writing time.


Your payment: 

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For edits and written feedback, we'll use Microsoft Word's 'track changes' function, so it's important you are familiar with this.

For the coaching call, we will use Zoom or equivalent (video and/or audio).


My services are non-refundable. If for unexpected reasons you can't use this service within 30 days from the time of purchase, please contact me to discuss this.

can i be assured of confidentiality?

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