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Pitch your book proposal to literary agents and publishers, with guidance.

This package includes:

2 x STRATEGY sessions (60 mins)

5 x editing rounds (query letter)

RESEARCH INTO agents & publishers

You've put in the hard work of preparing your book proposal. Now it's time to send it out to agents and publishers, with an effective and well-considered strategy.

Pitching is about much more than closing your eyes, sending your proposal out at random, and hoping for the best. Being well prepared can make all the difference.

Note: this service is only open to those who have completed a book proposal with me. For more information see here.


You've finished your book proposal - and it was a lot of work.

Now you're ready to send it out to literary agents and/or publishers.

You feel nervous about this next stage. You recognise that pitching is an art: it's about much more than sending an email out to every company you can think of, closing your eyes and hoping for the best.

You're looking for pitching guidance because you'd like the advantage of some industry know-how. You don't want to risk messing up at this stage, after all the hard work you've put into your proposal.

You want your pitch to be as professional and convincing as possible.

To help you achieve this, I offer guidance in the following ways:

Strategy session #1: your query letter

I'll help you write and polish a query letter to send out to literary agents and/or publishers.  We'll strive to make this as succinct and compelling as it can be. 

The aim of the letter is to pique interest in your project, so that an agent or editor at a publishing house then requests your full proposal. Only then will a decision be made about the viability of your project, and an offer made (or not).

Your strategy session #1 (60 minutes) will be dedicated to how to craft your query letter.

After the call you can send me up to 5 drafts of your letter, and I'll provide editorial feedback on each round, to get your query into polished shape.

Strategy session #2: research into agents and publishers

I'll research and draw up a shortlist of 10 literary agents and/or publishers  well-suited to the book you're writing, and who are actively looking for material like yours.

Please note: I do not have special relationships with these companies. I will simply recommend those that are a good fit.

Your strategy session #2: We'll discuss this shortlist, prioritise the companies you like, and decide how and when you'd like to approach them. We'll discuss tailoring your query letter to the specific needs and desires of each company.

Bonus strategy session: the longer term plan

I'll walk you through the best way to build upon this list of companies, so that you can continue the research from here, targeting only agents and/or publishers that are relevant for you and your particular project. 

I'll provide industry tips and insights to help you do this in the quickest and most professional way, and provide you with a spreadsheet template (XL) to help you track responses as they come in.

You'll then be well-equipped to proceed into the longer process of pitching, in batches, on your own. The pitching process can take months, because each company can take 6-8 weeks to get back to you (if they respond at all). This can jangle the nerves, but by doing it with a pre-established strategy, you won't be pitching at random, but smoothly and according to plan. 



  • 2 x strategy sessions (60 mins)
  • 5 x editing rounds (your query letter)
  • A bespoke shortlist of 10 relevant agents and/or publishers for you to pitch to, with industry insights into how to conduct the research yourself.
  • Template for tracking responses and feedback
  • Bonus 30-minute follow-up session.

* This service is only open to those who have taken Your Book Proposal with me.

When we decide to work together, I will send you an invoice. Payment is with Stripe (secure payment system which accepts major credit cards).

Please note: This package does not guarantee that you will be signed with an agent or publisher.

Nobody can promise that. It depends on many factors, such as world events, industry trends, books about to be released that are similar to yours, luck and so much more.

It's not unusual for a writer to send out as many as 50-80 query letters over time, or even 100+. It can be a long drawn-out process.

This depends entirely upon the industry response to your pitch, your emotional stamina, and how much time and energy you are willing to invest in the pitching process.

If you would like support with your pitch:

Please get in touch by clicking the button below, and filling out the contact form provided. I'll be delighted to be your guide through the key stages of the pitching process.

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