Take your readers on a heroine's journey


Define all the key elements of your book in advance.

This package includes:

Here, you will do your thinking ahead of the writing, defining all of your book's key elements in advance, so that when you sit down to write, you know where you're going.
This gives your work narrative cohesion from the start, helps you feel sure-footed as you move into the writing stage, and liberates you to write with creativity and ease.
This program is for you if:
You have a non-fiction book in mind that will deepen your readers' knowledge about feminine archetypes, and inspire cultural change. 
You're passionate about your idea. You've gathered your materials. You've done your research.

You know your message has the potential to change lives.

However, there's so much information to put in, you don't know where to begin, how to end, what to include, what to leave out, or how to structure your materials effectively. 

Perhaps you've been trying to write on your own for some time, but keep getting stuck.

The task of writing a long-form narrative might feel insurmountable, yet you're longing to see it through to completion. 

You know this book is yours to write. You can feel it in your bones.

It's possible that writing this book scares you.

You feel called and resistant at the same time. 

This may not be the subject you would have chosen for yourself... yet here it is, keeping you awake at night. 

Perhaps your message feels contentious within your social, spiritual or professional milieu, adding layers of complication you'd prefer not to deal with. 

Your idea is likely to be disruptive, and this takes courage, especially if you're taking on culturally imposed misogyny. This is no small task.

If you've been writing already, you may feel as if you have one foot on the accelerator and the other on the brake: a wildly inefficient way to work.

Envisioning your book

Your Story Spine helps you find your book's true identity. 

You will put all the key elements for your book in placeThe objective is to be able you see your book, as if you could hold it in your hands, before you begin writing it.

This is a rigorous process that alleviates confusion, gives you focus, and optimizes your precious writing time. You know exactly where you're going as you enter into the long-form writing. 

Those daunting feelings that can arise when you sit down to face the blank page? They dissolve, because you're already intimate with the structure of your contents and your narrative flow. All the pragmatics have been thought through, leaving you free to dive into your creativity. 

Note: this does not take a cookie-cutter approach, but is always tailored towards your unique needs.

This program is relevant whether you want to find a traditional publisher, an independent press or a hybrid publisher.

If you wish to pursue a traditional publishing route this is an invaluable process that prepares you with rigour to then write a strong, lean and focused proposal.

If your desire is to self-publish, this offer will still be of enormous benefit. You will outline all the elements of your book - up to the point of being ready to write your long-form manuscript - with the eyes of a trained professional supporting you at every step of the way.

Topics we'll go into

You will define all the key elements of your book:

  • Your 'Why'
  • Why you?
  • Point
  • Title & subtitle
  • Jacket copy
  • Ideal reader
  • Author platform
  • Transformation
  • Structure
  • Table of contents
  • Chapter template
  • Chapter drafts x 2
This program will support you in a number of ways. You will:
Define the deepest vision for your book, factoring in both the muse and the marketplace.
Determine how your readers will interact with your book, and why it will be of value to them. 
Consistently move forward towards your goals, through carefully measured accountability.
Receive creative nurture and emotional support when you encounter moments of doubt or confusion.
Pay special attention to the transformational journey you'll take your readers on, ensuring that you're offering a compelling emotional experience as well as an educational one. This is how real change is wrought... and you want your book to inspire cultural change.
Structure is everything in non-fiction
Above all else, we'll focus on finding an effective structure for your contents, so that you can create a pathway that unfolds beautifully for your reader - not only in terms of the book as a whole, but inside each chapter. 
You will develop a strong sense of your chapters, subheadings, ordering of contents, and narrative drive.
When you've established the narrative cohesion for your book, you are likely to experience a huge sigh of relief. This is doing the heavy lifting before you do the writing. 

You can then avoid the frustration and heartache of writing down dead ends, or having to course-correct when you're already thousands of words in, which is hard to do, and can be expensive if you need an editor to do a lot of fixing. 

Inspiring a journey of transformation

Your book's structure is intimately tied to your book's purpose: to inspire transformation. But how do you facilitate this?

You will learn to hold two sets of considerations at once: your own inspirations and reasons for writing, as well as your reader's experience of your materials

I'll provide a powerful tool to help you create a 'heroine's journey' for your reader: one that ensures that the narrative arc builds from one chapter to the next in a lockstep manner.

This may present a new mindset for you as a writer, but I'll be there along the way, asking questions to check that your transformation journey is effective from the reader's perspective.

Warning: the process of developing your book is likely to kick-start transformation in other areas of your life. This is because your book works on you as you work on it.

You'll get a business uplevel: your educational platform  gets polished, and your marketing and communications become more energised. 

You'll find that your sense of mission and purpose soars, and you find your voice in a more profound way than you have before.

"I was surprised by how much richer my work became.

The Story Spine has not only clarified the process of writing the book but also clarified my online programs and the kind of market I would like to focus on.



"The joy of having everything laid out and structured is very real!

It was essential to go through this phase. Now I know what I’m actually meant to be writing when I sit down at my computer. 

The power of structure and focus."



Benefits of this program:

  • You'll capture your deepest vision and intentions for your book, in terms of both your controlling idea and supporting ideas.
  • You will have an effective structure in place, one that takes your reader on a compelling journey through your materials. 
  • You won't need to stare at a blank screen waiting for inspiration. You know where you're going, each time you sit down to write.
  • Your next steps will be mapped out in a way that feels good, because they are aligned with both your heart and your intellect. You have a sense of intimate connection with your book before it's written.
  • You'll be able to articulate your book's intentions with clarity. Instead of mumbling about your project, you'll be able to speak in terms that have the other person say, "Oh! My sister would love a book like that!" This way, you can start building interest in your book before it is even written. 
  • You'll be well prepared to write a detailed book proposal to pitch to literary agents and publishers, if you want to take a traditional publishing route. You've asked yourself deep questions about the role and purpose of your book, and this makes it much easier and faster to create Your Book Proposal.

The practicalities:



When you sign up, I'll issue you with a detailed 12-part PDF guide. You'll work on several sections at a time, and send your working document to me using Microsoft Word. 



I'll provide detailed feedback on your submissions via in-line notes and an editorial letter (using Microsoft Word's Track Changes.)

If you have urgent questions between calls, I offer basic assistance by email (Mon-Fri). 



Our coaching calls (60 mins each) are for discussing your progress, addressing any questions you  have, brainstorming where needed, and planning your next steps.

Is this preparatory work really necessary?

This really depends on how your mind works. Some people rely on the inspiration that comes during the writing process; they find what they want to say by writing their way towards it. 

If that's you, this package isn't a good fit.

However for most people, and especially in the realm of non-fiction, exploring the potential of an idea in detail before you start writing can be the difference between writing your manuscript with ease, or feeling frustrated and getting stuck later (which in turn can cause you to give up on your project).


Monthly Pricing Options



750 USD p/m

  • 3 months minimum



450 USD p/m

  • 3 months minimum

How this works

  • Editorial notes include a detailed, big-picture feedback letter on each round, plus in-line comments inside your submitted document. 
  • My notes are rigorous and detailed on each round. I put time, energy and deep thinking into all my editorial feedback.
  • Coaching calls are for 60 mins each, and are dedicated to the issues you are finding most pressing.
  • Email support is for urgent questions that arise between our calls, and for an extra boost of emotional support when needed.
  • When you finish the work on Your Story Spine, you can move seamlessly into my next offering if desired: Your Book Proposal.
  • 30 days notice is required when you wish to conclude this service, any time after your initial 3 month commitment.
  • Payment: I will send you a monthly invoice. Payment is via Paypal in USD, with a credit or debit card, Paypal or Paypal credit.

If you would you like to work together:

I'll be delighted to learn more about you and your project. Please click the button below. It will take you through to a contact form to fill out.


*The list below provides basic information only. I will provide you with a 'terms of agreement' document when we agree to work together.


For edits and written feedback, we'll use Microsoft Word's 'track changes' function. This is industry standard, and it's important you're familiar with it.

For coaching calls, we will use Google Meet (which requires no special download from you.) Video recordings and/or a written transcript can be made available. If you prefer, we can do audio calls. Audio can facilitate a deeper listening process without distraction.


Yes. When we agree to work together, I will provide you with my terms of service and a book coaching agreement, so that you can review these and ask any further questions before signing.

I'll also provide an invoice for your tax records.


All communication and materials are treated as confidential, unless your permission to share with others is explicitly granted. This is stated in my terms of service.


My services are non-refundable, because book coaching involves deep commitment from both sides. I plan my schedule around our deadlines in advance, turning away new clients accordingly.

If you aren't sure whether this is the right step for you to take - financially or otherwise - I request that you spend some time reading this website and particularly this page. 

Once you are more familiar with me and my approach, it should become clear whether or not you wish to make the investment.

It's also really important that you're sure you have time to give generously to our work together.


You must re-schedule your call at least 24 hours in advance, unless a true emergency comes up. I will be holding this time-slot for you and am counting on your reliability and commitment. Late cancellations won't be rescheduled or refunded.

If I need to cancel our call with less than 24 hours notice, I will notify you as soon as possible, and will add an extra 30 mins onto our rescheduled call at no charge.

How to take your readers on a heroine's journey