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Would you like to work together on your non-fiction book?

Book coaching is intense and challenging, asking you to bring your whole self to it, and it's meaningful and fun. The process involves a dance between right and left brain, creative flow and marketplace viability, for optimal results.

Why you're here

You recognise that a number of feminine archetypes have been lying dormant in the collective psyche; that these are vital, not optional, organs of our human intelligence, and are urgently needed in times of escalating chaos.

It's time to bring these back to life, and you have a role to play in their revival.

You are a part of the deep feminine awakening that is happening on the planet at this time. You're called to contribute to a re-flourishing of life: you feel it in your blood and bones.

Your non-fiction book will be your emissary.

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You're looking for guidance because

Your book idea has taken up residence inside you, and won't let you go.

You know it's time to contribute your knowledge and insights to the cultural conversation. If you don't do this, you'll be letting yourself down in some fundamental way.

However, you recognise that conveying beautiful, culturally disruptive ideas can be difficult. 

You might have been trying to write your manuscript, but keep getting stuck. You may be struggling to find the controlling idea for your book: narrowing it down to one.

You could use the help of a book coach who understands what you're trying to do, keeps your project on track with deadlines and accountability, brainstorms with you, re-inspires momentum when you get stuck, and offers creative nurture, humour and support.

My approach is tailored to your individual requirements, meeting you where you are, while holding the vision of where you want to go. I'm here to help you succeed.

This is how the process works

The services I offer are interlinked and designed to be sequential. You will find them listed in more detail further down this page.

Ideally we'll begin before you start writing your manuscript, and work through all the steps in a steady progression. However, this will depend on how far advanced your project is, by the time you get in touch.

Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress

Mini Story Spine  →

Your Story Spine  →

Your Book Proposal  →

Your Pitching Plan

Step 5 is developmental editing: If you wish to come back to me for assistance when you have written your full manuscript, please see my editing packages.



Read about my services below. You will find a short description for each, and if you click on the button provided, you'll be taken through to more detailed information.

No matter how far advanced you are in your project, I highly recommend you start with the Mini Story Spine. This is an incisive tool that will help you clarify your thinking, no matter how well-developed your ideas might be. It also gives you the flavour of my work at an affordable price.


Fill out the contact form provided. Towards the end of each service page, a contact button will to take you through to a questionnaire about you and your project. 

When you submit your answers, I'll be in touch within 24 hours or as close to that as possible.


Arrange a discovery call. If we don't know each other already, we can arrange a 20-minute discovery call to explore our compatibility. The working relationship does become an intimate one, and this gives us a chance to meet "face to face". It also offers you the opportunity to ask me any questions you might have.


Make a payment. Once we've agreed to work together, I'll send you an invoice that's payable by Stripe, a safe online payment system, or by bank transfer. 

For best results:

I suggest you read my 'Do We Fit?' page here. This way you'll get a clear sense of whether I am the right coach for you. This will only lead to a happier collaboration. 

If you have any questions about book coaching, my unique angle, and/or client policies, you might also like to refer to my FAQ page here.


1. Mini Story Spine


Here, we look into the point and purpose of your book idea. A detailed set of exercises will help you pull your vision for your book into focus. Then we have a coaching call to discuss your thoughts and address any questions. This is a powerful clarification process that's hard to do, but sets you up in all the right ways for the work ahead: when well-defined, your 'mini story spine' acts as your guiding light as you move forwards into the deeper work. 

STARTER PACKAGE special offer [PDF guide, 1 x submission deadline, 1 x 60-minute coaching call.]

2. Your Story Spine


Here you'll be guided to create a detailed outline for your book, so that when it comes to writing your full manuscript, your thoughts are organised and all the important elements are defined in advance. This is like creating an architect's model before building the house: you can see the big picture and know exactly what you're doing before getting involved in minutiae and craftYour writing process then becomes swifter, more focused and more enjoyable. 

1:1 COACHING PACKAGE [Includes PDF guide, 4 x submission deadlines, 2 x 60-minute coaching calls, editorial feedback & email support.]

3. Your Book Proposal


If a traditional publishing route is your preference, this service will help you prepare a detailed, professional book proposal that captures your voice, style, authority and vision, to send out to literary agents and/or publishers. Working through the 8 essential components of a proposal, you will make a strong and convincing argument for your book, why you're the right author for it, who it's for, why it's needed at this time, and how it fits alongside other books on the subject to contribute to the cultural conversation.

1:1 COACHING PACKAGE [Includes PDF guide, submission deadlines with editorial feedback, 60-minute coaching calls & email support, charged per month.]

4. Your Pitching Plan


You've put in the hard work of writing a proposal, and you're ready to send it out into the world. This package focuses on pitching strategy. I'll offer guidance with writing your query letter, deciding which agents and publishers are right for you, and devising a solid pitching plan to roll out over time.

YOUR UNIQUE PITCHING STRATEGY [Includes 2 x 60 min strategy sessions, and editing of your query letter.]

5. Editing Packages


When you have finished a draft (or significant section) of your book, I provide comprehensive feedback on such issues as premise, narrative drive, voice, reader engagement, and the arc of change you're offering your reader (essential in non-fiction). I'll give you a big-picture editorial report on what's working and what isn't, with suggestions for improvements. If you choose a full developmental edit, you'll receive specific and actionable notes embedded all the way through your manuscript.


Standalone Sessions

If our package is complete but you'd like to check in with me about a particular issue or question relative to your project, a standalone 60-minute session might be what you need. 

The cost is $199 USD with a submission of up to 30 pages in advance. You will receive my editorial feedback prior to the call. Please email me at catriona@storieswithspine.com

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