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Define the point and purpose of your book, before you start writing.

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With this jump-starter offer, you will narrow your ideas down from the broad to the specific. You will define what your book is about and why it will be of value to readers. 

This is a simple yet powerful clarification process that sets you up for your writing journey ahead. It also allows you to experience my coaching without a bigger financial commitment.


You wish to explore the potential of your idea. 

It would be valuable to look at your idea from multiple angles; to sift through all the various angles you could take, until you've found the one that feels right.

You'd like to refine your point of view, your unique perspective.

The digging required in this mini-program will help you see if you believe in your idea enough, if it holds creative energy for you, if it has sufficient scope as a long-form project (as opposed to, say, an essay or one chapter in an anthology), and if you are, in fact, ready to commit yourself to it long-term.

You've done the necessary groundwork.

You've been working in your field for some time, and have accumulated a solid body of work through research, development, and your educational platform. This book idea is an extension of the work you're already doing.

You'd like to inspire transformation in your reader.

Successful non-fiction makes - and delivers - a promise to its reader. It speaks directly to a question the reader is already carrying inside. 

With my guidance, you will define how your book will do this. You will consider your reader's experience of the material as well as your own, and as a consequence, you'll start to see your project from the 'outside in,' which may be new thinking for you. 

This is essential if you wish to lead your reader through an arc of change, and establish author-reader rapport. The sooner you discover this mindset, the better.

It might feel impossible to narrow your body of work down to one concise idea.

Your book is taking form in your mind, but you are yet to have a vision of it as a finished entity, because you don't know what angle to take, or how to make your unique contribution within a bigger cultural conversation on this subject.

This lack of clarity is causing resistance when it comes to sitting down to write, even though you're passionate about your project. 

Your wheels are spinning, you're losing precious time, and you feel impatient to get the real work underway.

Sharing your information feels urgent, because it speaks in some way to the pain and brokenness in the world, and offers a way through. 

It can be a challenge to clarify the central problem your book addresses, and the solution it offers.

You're looking for the approach that feels right; that gives you a full-body "YES!"

You will have to ask yourself difficult questions.

It takes dedication to find your story spine, even in its mini-version (see Your Story Spine for the expanded version, which is my follow-up service). 

You are going to have to ask difficult questions, and find the answers that are true for you. 

There's nothing small about the subject you're writing about - after all, you're challenging belief systems that have grown in power and influence over centuries - and you have accumulated a whole body of work over time.

Narrowing that down can't happen overnight. Your thinking is likely to be iterative.

This offer doesn't promise instantaneous results. 

You might experience an 'aha!' moment at some point in the process; one that gives you goose-bumps. Or you might continue to re-work and refine your ideas after our coaching call. 

What this offer will do, most importantly, is set you up with right thinking as you embark on your project.

How fast you move will depend on how far along the path you are already, and how much time and effort you choose to put in. 

This 'outside-in' approach might feel anathema to your creative process.

This feeling is common but actually, a process of digging into your book's point and purpose is incredibly helpful, because it guides you into the deeper layers of your intention.

The clearer your intention is at the start, the more lucid your writing will be, and the more you'll enjoy the process of writing.

This saves you time and energy in the long run, because it helps you write a cohesive manuscript with a clearly defined promise to the reader - and when that promise is delivered, that's what brings reader satisfaction.

You will build clarity and momentum.

Many writers believe they lack motivation when they hit a rough patch in the writing process, but it's more accurate to say they lack clarity. 

When you create your 'mini story spine' in advance, you have a compass to guide you with every authorial decision you make. It can get you through overwhelm, confusion, the sticky moments, because you remember your source of inspiration in the first place.

Imagine the feeling...

  • Your vision for your book has simplified and deepened.
  • You've put your attention into what you're offering your readers and why.
  • Having honed your ideas, you're energised to make the next steps.
  • You know what to say if people ask you what you're working on; you can articulate your vision.
  • You're ready to create your 'book hook', an attention-grabbing sentence that goes on your book jacket, to tell potential readers if this is a book for them.

How this offer works:


Your workbook & schedule

The Mini Story Spine includes a PDF guide for you to through with in your own time. You'll receive this when you sign up. The questions and exercises provided will help you to define what you're setting out to achieve and why: your book's point and purpose. The more time and thought you put into your answers, the better.


Submitting your answers

Once you've done your preparatory work, you'll book your coaching call with me. You will submit your work-in-progress (using Microsoft Word48 hours in advance of our call.


Our 1:1 coaching call

We'll use our 75-minute coaching call to look at your ideas in detail, and address any questions you might have.

Is this preparatory work really necessary?

Honestly, this depends on how your mind works. 

Some people rely on the inspiration that comes during the writing process; that find what they want to say by writing their way towards it. 

If that's you, this package isn't a good fit.

However for most people, and especially in the realm of non-fiction, exploring the potential of an idea before you start writing, can be the difference between writing your manuscript with ease, or feeling frustrated and getting stuck later (which in turn can cause you to give up on your project). 


Special Introductory Rate:

$ 199 USD


This offer includes:

* PDF workbook

* 1 x round of editorial feedback

* 1 x 75 minute coaching call

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I'll invoice you for payment with Stripe (a secure payment system which accepts major credit cards).

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For edits and written feedback, we'll use Microsoft Word's 'track changes' function, so it's important you are familiar with this.

For the coaching call, we will use Zoom or equivalent (video and/or audio).


My services are non-refundable. If for unexpected reasons you can't use this service within 30 days from the time of purchase, please contact me to discuss this.

can i be assured of confidentiality?

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