Take your readers on a  heroine's journey

...to liberate their life force & creative potency


I'm Catriona Mitchell, book coach.

I work with non-fiction that calls the creative potency of feminine archetypes back into consciousness, conversation and culture. 

Why feminine Archetypes?



Only when we bring the full spectrum of feminine archetypes back to life, can our whole-system intelligence become available to us. We need this to solve global problems we've never had to face before. 

I call this process of restoration the heroine's journey, and its purpose is to lead us back to love.

Stories with Spine is for you if:


You're developing a transformational non-fiction book about feminine archetypes, especially those that have been culturally erased or lying dormant in the collective psyche. You want to see their forms, functions, symbols and mythologies become part of embodied, living culture.


by exploring the rejected powers of feminine archetypes from East to West and from the abstract to the anthropomorphic: from the Great Goddess and Kundalini, to beauty, the mystic, the witch, the womb, Mother Earth and the cycle of death and rebirth....

YOU ARE AN EDUCATOR, AND AN EXPERT IN YOUR FIELD. Your aim is to write a book that inspires a profound shift in culture... one reader at a time.

You feel the plight of the planet

down in your bones

and you're taking creative action because...

Reverence for the archetypal feminine is missing from our linear, hierarchical, hyper-masculine society. We're distanced from the wordless intelligence held within our bodies, and from 'Mother Earth' with consequences that affect us all.

Feminine archetypes are essential, not optional, organs of our collective intelligence. They point us back to reverence for the body, bliss, intuition, the mystical realms, the natural world, cyclical and relational existence, the sacred source of life...

YOU HAVE A STRONG BODY OF WORK TO DRAW FROM. However, you are yet to define the organising principle for your book, or determine how you will take your reader on an effective journey of transformation.

Why work with me?

I help you get intimate with your book project.

My primary role is to help you define your book's point and purpose. That is, the unique contribution you will make to the bigger cultural conversation, and the journey of transformation you will offer your readers. Together, your point and purpose form your book's organising principle or 'story spine.'

 I work with book development in 5 steps


  • Finding your STORY SPINE

  • Creating an effective STRUCTURE 

  • Writing a 60+ page PROPOSAL

  • PITCHING to agents/publishers

  • Developmental EDITING

YOU ARE SERIOUS ABOUT BUILDING AN AUTHOR CAREER with a global community of readers, whether you sign up with a large publishing house, or with an independent or hybrid press.

You and I might create magic together if: 

You have undertaken extensive research and development on your chosen topic through teaching, speaking, writing, film-making, consulting and/or coaching

You're actively sharing your ideas in written form already, even if you haven't published a full-length book yet.

You're writing a book that will endure because of its richness and depth of content. Your aim is to make a genuine contribution to a new cultural narrative.

Book coaching is where the muse meets the marketplace


Story coaching

Project management

Editorial feedback

Industry insights

I help you hone your deepest vision for your book; and work with you to ensure that what is in your head is being clearly conveyed on the page.

Our process together involves a dance between left and right brain. I acknowledge the deep mystery of the creative process while also holding you accountable to deadlines that move you forwards.

I am your coach, editor and ideal reader in one. The upshot of this is: your message gets fine-tuned. Your structure is designed to facilitate reader transformation. The connective tissue between you and your reader grows stronger. 

And because your book and your work are intertwined - and you work on your messaging in depth - you'll find that your educational platform gets an up-level too.

Relevant topics include:

  •   Embodiment
  •   Eros
  •   Tantra
  •   Goddess history
  •   Mysticism
  •   Deep ecology
  •   Mythology
  •   Sacred masculine

YOUR BOOK WILL DRAW FROM YOUR PERSONAL, LIVED EXPERIENCE as well as your professional research and development. This way your book will make a wholly original contribution.

AI is not  a substitute for this process. Why?

  • You have gone through a period of deep feminine 're-membering.' The inspiration for your book comes from your somatic and intuitive intelligence, and your words will come from this place.
  • We go on a profound and rigorous exploration of your philosophy. As a natural consequence, this work embraces both book development and personal development.
  • Along the way, I will introduce tasks and exercises designed to help you become a creative force so you can be a powerful emissary for your message. 

For instance, if you run into creative blocks...

I am trained in somatic methods, feminine empowerment coaching and belief work to help you get back on your feet. Creative resistance is an almost inevitable part of the process, but we'll save time by catching this early and coaxing you back into the work.

If fears of voice or visibility arise...

We can use this same toolbox to help you reconnect to your confidence. This is a big one, because being an author these days requires you to be a speaker too. The subject of your book is counter-cultural and/or deeply personal, and going public with it can feel vulnerable.

What clients are saying:

The thought-provoking practices and techniques Catriona offers took my book to another level, allowing me to see its deeper purpose. Her powerful work lays a solid and supportive ground to take necessary and constructive steps to not only improve the writing and structure, but also to successfully manifest the book in the world.

LAURA AMAZZONEauthor of Goddess Durga and Sacred Female Power

Fabulous! Your input and reflections are invaluable. I look forward to our calls each week. Thanks for being so clear.

MELANIE SWAN - The Sacred Womb podcast


Start at the place that's right for you. Our work together is always tailored to your unique vision and needs. 

You're at the ideas development stage

We begin by defining the point and purpose of your book. This is difficult to do early on, but tremendously helpful. By clarifying what your project is about, and its value for the reader, you'll start your work off on a strong footing.

 → It's time to structure your narrative

In this package, I'll support you with structuring and outlining your book's contents before you start writing your full manuscript. This way you know exactly where you're going, from the outset. This builds confidence and momentum.

 → You need a proposal for agents / publishers

When you've established a clear vision and outline for your book, it's time to prepare a compelling and professional book proposal to pitch to literary agents and publishers. This is an art-form unto itself, and guidance can make all the difference.

 → You have a full manuscript to edit

You have a solid working draft of your book in place. Now you're seeking editorial guidance that offers detailed feedback on what's working and what isn't at the big-picture level, from an editor who understands and is sensitive to your subject.

How to take your readers on a heroine's journey