Take your readers on a heroine's journey

Hello. I'm Catriona Mitchell, non-fiction book coach. 

Stories with Spine is for you if:

You wish to develop, propose, pitch and/or edit a book of transformational non-fiction about feminine archetypes and mythologies - especially those that have been lost or exiled over centuries. Your aim is to call these back into consciousness, conversation and culture. 

You're writing about the creative potency of feminine archetypes, from the abstract to the anthropomorphic: from Mother Nature to the wisdom of the womb, from eros and beauty to the life/death/life cycle, from the goddess of the underworld to the crone... 

You looking for a guide to help you capture your most profound vision for your book.

You will present your readers with an alternative to  a left-brain-dominated, outward-focused, linear worldview; and inspire renewed reverence for the wordless intelligence of the body, the cycles of life, the natural world and interconnected existence. 

Your book will explore archetypal feminine forces that have been lying dormant in the collective psyche. You believe these are essential, not optional, organs of our human intelligence, and are urgently needed at this time of escalating crisis.

Your aim is to inspire a profound re-shaping of culture, one reader at a time.

My primary role is to help you pin down the point and purpose of your book: that is, the transformation you'll offer your readers, in the form of a significant and illuminating shift in perception. This is what I call the story spine.

Your story spine is the electric current that runs through your book, bringing it to life.

Together, let's work on the pragmatics required to support your creative vision.

I offer book development in 5 steps:






You and I might create magic together if: 

You are an educator, and an expert in your field. You have a book in mind that's rooted in your professional expertise.

You're passionate about your subject, and have already done the research and development for your book through in-depth teaching, speaking, writing, film-making, consulting and/or coaching

You're writing a book that will endure because of its richness and depth of content. It's far more than just a marketing pamphlet for your business, or a 'book-shaped product'!

Your ideas have been tried and tested over time, including in written form: articles, blogs, essays, and/or previously published books.

You would like your message to reach greater numbers via a non-fiction book that supports your education platform, and becomes a vital part of your professional ecosystem.

Book coaching is where the muse meets the marketplace.

My methodology incorporates story coaching, project management, editorial feedback, industry insights, creative unblocking and emotional support.

This all comes together to enhance your creative vision. The process involves a dance between left and right brain: I acknowledge the deep mystery of the creative process, while also holding you accountable to strategies and deadlines that move you forwards.

The book coaching process asks you to bring your whole self to the work. It's difficult and emotionally challenging. At some point you will want to run away. But capturing your most compelling vision for your book, giving it structure, and putting it out into the world, is one of the most rewarding experiences life has to offer. 

Your book embraces such themes as:

  •   Mythology
  •   Archetypes
  •   Mysticism
  •   Eros
  •   Tantra
  •   Creativity
  •   Embodiment
  •   Deep ecology

"On the simplest level, the Goddess is the Earth" - Joseph Campbell


The thought provoking practices and techniques Catriona offers took my book to another level, allowing me to see its deeper purpose. Her powerful work lays a solid and supportive ground to take necessary and constructive steps to not only improve the writing and structure, but also to successfully manifest the book in the world.

Laura Amazzone author of Goddess Durga and Sacred Female Power



Fabulous! Your input and reflections are invaluable. I look forward to our calls each week. Thanks for being so clear.

Melanie Swan - The Sacred Womb



Start at the place that's right for you. Our work is always tailored to your unique vision and needs. 

You're at the ideas development stage

We begin by honing in on the point and purpose of your book idea. This is difficult to do early on, but tremendously helpful. By clarifying what your book is about, and its value for the reader, you'll start your project off on a strong footing.

 → You're ready to flesh out your narrative

In this package, I'll support you with structuring and outlining your book's contents before you start writing your full manuscript. This way you know exactly where you're going, from the outset. This builds confidence and momentum.

 → You need a proposal for agents / publishers

When you've established a clear sense of the role and purpose of your book, and structured your contents, it's time to prepare a compelling and professional book proposal to pitch to literary agents and publishers. This is an art-form unto itself, and guidance can help.

 → You have a full manuscript to edit

You have a solid working draft of your book in place. Now you're seeking a manuscript assessment - or a more detailed developmental edit - that offers feedback on what's working and what isn't at the big-picture level, from an editor who's sensitive to your subject.

Discover how to take your readers on a heroine's journey